10 of Our Favorite Wood Building Kits for Kids

There really isn’t too much better than building things for yourself. For me as a child, it was building houses and cars with Legos. I never had the opportunity back then to work with wood building kits like the ones featured here. And as an adult, I’m actually debating buying one for myself (for those interested, I think the Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit is beautiful!).

Check out these wood building kits for kids! We really don’t think you can go wrong with any of them, but for children, we particularly like the first two and anything made by Wood Worx.

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

Recommended Ages: 8 years or older

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

8 years is the recommended minimum age but builders that young may still need parental supervision.

The catapult itself is a solid design (yet not perfect which can lead to engineering discussions) that can launch objects for at least 20 feet.

 Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

Recommended Ages: 4 years or older

Build it Yourself Woodworking Ki

This is a wonderful example of a STEM toy. First, kids can use engineering design skills as they plan their build. Then, they can practice math skills as they measure out the wood.

With at least 80 pieces of wood, kids have plenty of spare parts to make mistakes in addition to building several models.

Medieval Catapult Wooden Kit

Recommended Ages: 10 year or older

Woodbuilding Kits for Kids: Medieval Catapult Wooden Kit

The catapult kit comes ready to build with all required pieces.

It’s a fun build and can launch small objects at least 20 feet in the air.

Also a solid build that can last through much repeated use.

Toysmith Build and Paint a Birdhouse

Recommended Ages: 5 years or older

Woodbuilding Kits for Kids: Build and Paint a Birdhouse

As an art project, this can be fun for kids to decorate and hang outside.

As a wood building kit, it is too easy to build to really be considered a kit. The pieces easily and quickly snap together.

Carnival Swing Ride Solar-Powered Wood Kit

Recommended Ages: 7 years or older

Carnival Swing Ride Solar-Powered Wood Kit

A solar module powers the carousel when the sun hits it.

Illustrated instructions guide kids and parents through the building process.

Wood WorX T-Rex Kit

Recommended Ages: 5 years or older (one parent described 8-9 years as the “I can do it” range”)

WoodWorx T-Rex Kit

Good quality parts and clear instructions. Easy for most 8-9 year olds to complete by themselves.

Only complaint tends to be about the sturdiness of the legs (included glue just doesn’t cut it in most cases).

Note: You can read more about Wood WorX on our site here

Wood WorX Jet Fighter Kit

Recommended Ages: 5 years or older

Wood Worx Jet Fighter Kit

Like other Wood WorX kits, this one makes for a great beginning model for kids who are able to quickly understand instructions but may not have the fine motor skills to manipulate small pieces.

Completion time on this building kit is around 60-90 minutes, including painting and stickers.

Wood WorX Track Car Kit

Recommended Ages: 5 years or older

Woodworking Kits for Kid: Wood Worx Track Car Kit

The track car kit is much like the other Wood WorX sets listed on this page: easy to construct, great introduction to wood kits, and inferior glue (so, plan to use your own in many cases).

Vermont Farmhouse Jr. Dollhouse Kit

Recommended Ages: 10 years or older

Wood Building Kits for Kids: Vermont Farmhouse Jr. Dollhouse Kit

Builders use 25 pieces to construct a 2.5 feet high dollhouse.

The instructions leave much to be desired, but the wood quality does not. Kids will be able to repeatedly play with the house once constructed.

Made by Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

Wood Building Kits for Kids: Build and Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

Parts are good quality for the price.

The car’s wheels will roll, but not turn. Still, they do provide some play value once built…

But, most of the fun is in the initial creating and decorating.

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