Best Astronomy Books for Kids of All Ages (through 2016)


We’ve scoured the universe to create a list of the best astronomy books for kids.

For your convenience, we have broken them down into three categories.

However, older kids may enjoy some of the books aimed at younger kids…

And younger kids may absolutely enjoy looking at the images in the books aimed at older kids!

Astronomy Books for Babies and Toddlers
Astronomy Books for Pre-School Children
Astronomy Books for Grade-School Children

Astronomy Books for Babies and Toddlers

Astro-Tot: The Solar System

Astronomy Books for Toddlers - Astro Tot: Solar System

Astro-Tot: The Solar System has 36 colorful pages with a multitude of characters who will introduce your child to the entire solar system: planets, comets, moons, asteroids, and dwarf planets.

See Inside the Universe

Astronomy Books for Kids: See Inside the Universe

Usborne brings forward another great flap book that includes over 70 flaps across 16 pages for children to lift.

This book does not just cover the solar system. It also introduces kids to the Hubble Telescope, Galileo, and the history of astronomy.

Look Inside Space

Astronomy Books for Children: Look Inside Space

If you can’t tell, we’re a fun of Usborne books. This is the second of their books to appear on our best astronomy books for kids list.

This time they fit over 60 flaps into 14 pages covering a wide range of space-related topics.

National Geographic Kids Super Space Sticker Activity Book

National Geographic Kids Space Sticker Activity Book

It has over 1,000 stickers!

That should be enough to convince you to buy…

…or not to buy if you’re worried about all of those stickers around the house!

Astronomy Books for Children in Pre-School

National Geographic Kid First Big Book of Space

Astronomy Books for Kids: National Geographic Kids First Book of Space

National Geographic has included bright, colorful illustrations throughout the 128 pages in their space book for kids.

In 5 chapters, the book covers the Earth, other planets, other solar system objects, the universe, and space exploration.

To the Edge of the Universe: A 14-Foot Fold-Out Journey

To the Edge of the Universe

This new–just published in October 2016–features a 14-foot panorama that illustrates concepts related to space.

Infographics on the reverse side emphasize the learning aspect of the book.

There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System

Best Astronomy Books for Kids: There's No Place Like Space

It’s unclear just how the Cat in the Hat manages to wear both his hat and a space helmet at the same time. Joining the Cat are Thing 1, Thing 2, and their human friends Dick and Sally.

48 pages of nonsensical fun.

Planets (The Quaint and Quizzical Cosmos)

Best Astronomy Books: Planets (Quaint and Quizzical Cosmos)

This book makes a great bed-time read as it is…

…more about fun with rhyming and colorful illustrations than it is about teaching and learning.

My First Book about Outer Space (Dover Coloring Book for Children)

Astronomy Books: My First Book about Outer Space

Simple math!

Coloring + Fun Space Facts = Lots of fun for pre-school children.

Why is the Moon Following Me?

Why is the Moon Following Me?

This book of poems takes kids on an adventure through time (and space?) to meet seven great thinkers who introduce astronomy.

Through the Milky Way on a PB&J

Through the Milky Way on a PB&J

The perfect book for sandwich-eating astronauts, which apparently there are some if you don’t mind substituting tortillas for bread.

The illustrations are great and most people enjoy the text even if the rhyming sometimes doesn’t have rhythm.

What Is the Moon Made Of?: And Other Questions Kids Have About Space

Astronomy Books: What is the Moon Made Of?

The illustrations may be simple, but the book does a good enough job  answering common kids’ questions regarding space (why do astronauts wear helmets? why is Mars Red?).

Yes, you can look on Wikipedia; but this gives children something tangible to hold and answer their questions.

Astronomy Books for Grade-School Children

Astronomy Lab for Kids: 52 Family-Friendly Activities

Astronomy Lab for Kids

With 52 astronomy activities, this book aims to provide a year’s worth of fun for kids to enjoy.

By using household items and well-designed instructions, the book makes it more likely that the activities will resonate with children.

Next Time You See the Moon

Next Time You See the Moon

Over the course of 32 pages, Emily Morgan answers many common questions children and adults have about the moon, such as…

  • Why does it sometimes appear during the day?
  • How are we able to predict its shape?
  • And just how does it get the different shapes?

Space Dictionary for Kids: The Everything Guide for Kids Who Love Space

Space Dictionary for Kids

This space dictionary provides over one hundred–100!–illustrated definitions across 192 pages.

The Everything Guide for Kids Who Love Space is divided into 4 sections: Cosmology, Stars and Galaxies, The Solar System, and Astrobiology and Exoplanets.

An excellent way to get your child interested in astronomy, or encourage them to foster their interest.

13 Planets: The Latest View of the Solar System

13 Planets

This book covers both planets and dwarf-planets, the new name for Pluto and other similar planets.

With realistic computer images and fun facts, including origin of their names, this book has continued to engage kids.

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