Best Volcano Kit for Kids

Despite taking many science classes during school and completing at least 4-5 science fair projects, I cannot recall ever seeing the classic volcanic eruption demonstration.

My younger self, and inner kid, was/is severely disappointed.

There is a sweet spot, say 6-12 years old, where the simple chemical reaction can trigger wide-eyed amazement. I cannot personally experience that unadulterated joy. But, that doesn’t stop me from still appreciating them.

Volcano kits are not required, as you may be able to create a volcanic eruption with on-hand household items. Particularly if you have vinegar and baking soda laying around.

For example, Instructables has easy-to-follow directions here.

However, volcano kits often provide some extra touches to the volcano-making process (e.g., providing tools to make the volcano appear more life-like through paints).

We’ve narrowed down possible selections to the following list of three best volcano kit for kids. Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Recommended Ages: 6 years and older

Best Volcano Kit for Kids: My First Mind Blowing Science Kit
You can find a more detailed look at this kit on our site.

The other two volcano kits listed on this page are fine alternatives.

But, Scientific Explorer has taken the (volcanic) cake as the best volcano kit for kids with their Mind Blowing Science Kit, which includes almost all the needed components to make a volcano (just add water and flour).

The benefit of the My First Mind Blowing Science Kit is that it provides great, easy-to follow directions and useful, “scientific” pieces like pipets.

Moreover, it provides 10 projects in addition to the volcano eruption..

AlexToysVideos has made a video summary of the science kit’s contents:

Curiosity Kits Lava Rock Volcano

Recommended Ages: 6 years and older


Curiosity Kits’ Lava Rock Volcano has largely received positive reviews and is a reasonable alternative to the Mind Blowing Science Kit. Just keep in mind that the kit is standalone and only good for one use.

If you prefer some additional utility and geological focus, then check out…

4M Volcano and Crystal Mining Science Kit

Recommended Ages: 8 years and olderBest Volcano Kits for Kids: 4M Volcano and Crystal Mining Kit

4M has packaged their original volcano making kit and crystal mining kit together.

The crystal mining portion of this kit has received consistently good reviews. The volcano kit, though, has not been universally received (biggest complaint is that the measurements in the directions sometimes need adjusting). Still, it is one of the best reviewed volcano kits available.

TheToyReviewer has produced an excellent video to give you a first-hand look at 4M’s crystal mining kit (note: the video is for the standalone crystal mining kit, but it is comparable to the one included in the combined crystal mining and volcano kit):

And, Unbox Odyssey has a quick look at the 4M Volcano Kit (standalone):

Have experience with these or other volcano kits?

Feel free to share what kit you think deserves the title of best volcano kit for kids!

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