12 Astronomy Gifts for Kids that Will Encourage Their Stargazing

Many kids do not need much encouragement to instill a sense of wonder when looking at the heavens. Some children, though, fall a bit more in love with the stars than others. For those children (and their parents!), we have curated a list of 12 of our favorite astronomy gifts for kids.

Our astronomy selections include space shuttles in metal, cardboard, Lego, and hanging canopy form. And, it includes astronauts in various play styles.

PLAYMOBIL Space Rocket with Launch Site Building Kit

PLAYMOBIL has added a space-themed set to their building kit line. For better or worse, this kit includes over 100 different pieces for your child to enjoy (or lose!). You can check the instruction booklet for a detailed look at the building requirements and assorted pieces. Astronomy Gifts for Kids: PLAYMOBIL Space Rocket

Melissa and Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 pieces, 2 x 3 feet)

Melissa and Doug does not disappoint with this 6 square foot space-themed puzzle. It features extra thick, durable pieces and an easy-to-clean surface that makes parents happy.

The puzzle features our solar system (planets, sun, and moon) and includes names to help children learn while solving the puzzle.

Astronomy Gifts for Kids: Melissa and Doug Solar System Puzzle

Lego City Space Port Utility Shuttle Building Kit

This is a rather simple equation: Lego + Space Shuttle = great astronomy gift for kids.

This set includes 155 pieces, including 2 astronaut minifigures. The finished project measures 7 inches (long) x 7 inches (long) x 2 inches (tall).

155 pieces are enough to keep children entertained building the model without being too challenging. Then, they can enjoy interacting with what they have built.

However, this Lego model is not as durable as the Playmobil toy mentioned earlier. If you child likes to take her/his toys on the road, you may want to opt for durability over Lego-goodness

Astronomy Gifts for Kids: Lego Utility ShuttleCardboard Astro Rocket

This cardboard modeling kit allows kids to convert precision-cut, corrugated cardboard into a rocketship. Some of the fun is in the building, and some of the fun is in running around the house pretending to fly a spaceship.Astronomy Toys for Kids: Cardboard Astro Rocket

Space Explorer Iron On Patch

Astronaut Gifts for Kids: Space Explorer PatchWith this 3.25″ x 2.625″ patch you can instantly add space flair to your child’s backpack or clothing. It requires nothing more than a few minutes of ironing.

If you prefer a smaller version, but at the same price, you can get the mini version.

 Astronaut Mini Night Light

Astronomy Gifts for Kids: Astronaut Night Light

In our house Batman guards against the monsters in the night. But for future space travelers, this astronaut night light is much more preferable. By using an LED instead of a traditional bulb, this night light is not only fun but also environmentally friendly.

The Magic School Bus: Secret of Space

This space-themed Magic School Bus set offers several interactive activities: building a night-time flashing, building a constellation box, drawing constellation cards, and designing a solar system.

Previous customers indicate that this astronomy kit is great for younger kids (up to around 8 years old) and great for an activity. However, do not expect to get lots of repeat value from this set.

Astronomy Gifts for Kids: Magic School Bus Secrets of Space

4M Solar System Planetarium

4M’s Solar System Planetarium is an assembly kit that teaches kids about the solar system. Using the parts included in the set, children can construct and paint their very own solar system.

Most of the fun with this kit is in the creation and painting. It offers kids the chance to explore their creative side while learning about planets.Astronomy Toys for Kids: 4M Solar System Planetarium

The downside of this astronomy kit is that it is just that: a kit. This is absolutely not at toy. The parts are too small and fragile to be played with. Instead, it is great for learning and using as a mobile hanging from the ceiling.

Great Explorations 3-D Solar System

The 3-D Solar System set from Great Explorations is the perfect astronomy toy for your stargazing child who will be able to use the over 200 glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to decorate their ceiling and walls.

Many other options exist for decorating your child’s ceiling and walls with glow-in-the-dark elements. But, this is one of the better reviewed sets on Amazon. That said, many users have voiced two concerns that you should be aware of: the stars are fairly small so you may consider purchasing larger stars to accompany this set and the planets can be a bit troublesome to install.

Astronomy Toys for Kids: Glowing 3-D Solar System

Toysmith Galaxy Kinetic Astronomy Kit

This astronomy kit is a fun desktop distraction that you can use to teach your kids about planetary rotation. As a toy, though, it can quickly lose its intrigue after some of the initial fun.

However, it can be a great addition to your kid’s desk or shelf and something they can enjoy spinning when the mood strikes.

Astronomy Toys for Kids: Galaxy Kinetic Art Science Kit

To the Moon Playhouse Canopy

Land of Nod’s rocket-shaped playhouse canopy lets kids jump aboard their very own spaceship. It’s great for a space-themed play area. Adjustable mechanisms allow the spaceship to hang from ceilings 8-9 feet tall.

Astronomy Toys for Kids: To the Moon Rocket Canopy

Rocket Adventure Fleet Playset

The Rocket Adventure  Fleet Playset contains 5 pieces made from a mix of diecast metal and plastic. The rocket is approximately 5 inches tall and the remaining pieces are 2-4 inches. Astronomy Gifts for Kids: Space Explorer Adventure Set

If you didn’t find anything here for your little astronaut, you may try looking at some of our favorite space-themed children’s books.

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