STEM Learning Weekly Recap (11/13 – 11/19)

Black Teens Kick Butt in Tech, Need More Access to STEM

Glenn Jeffers, from EBONY, interviews Dr. Kevin A. Clark who studied Black tweens’ and teens’ proficiency and confidence in computers and other technologies such as the Microsoft Office suite. The study also explored the participants’ other digital media pursuits and their long-term interest in computing technologies.

Exploring Gaps in STEM Education

The article reports on the findings from a 500-parent survey conducted by Two Bit Circus. The survey results indicated similar interest level for most traditional STEM areas by girls and boys, but a large gap in preference for the arts by girls.

Computers was one of the traditional STEM areas where boys did demonstrate a much higher preference: 41% of boys’ parents reported their child had interest, whereas on 18% of girls’ parents reported the same.


AT&T Gives $25,000 to MdBio Foundation for STEM Education in Maryland

AT&T’s donation will support MdBio’s efforts to increase STEM programs that target underserved high school students. MdBioLab will receive much of the funding. It is a traveling laboratory that visits Maryland high schools, bringing hands-on STEM experiences to areas across the state.

National STEM Video Game Challenge Announces Winners of Fifth Annual Competition

The Institute of Museum and Library Services announced the winners of the 2016 National STEM Video Game Challenge, a competition open to middle and high school students. The challenge promotes innovation, learning, and civic engagement while also motivating children to become interested in STEM.


Top 5 Engineering Jobs of the Future

InterestingEngineering speculates on what it thinks are the top 5 engineering jobs in the future:

  1. robot programmer
  2. sensor system integrators
  3. algorithm designer
  4. 3D printing specialist
  5. augmented and virtual reality programmer
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