STEM Learning Weekly Recap (11/27 – 12/3)

NSF Awards $61 Million in New Projects to Enhance Understanding of STEM Education and Workforce Development

The National Science Foundation (NSF) continues to promote STEM excellence by funding projects across the United States that help “explain and address challenges in STEM learning and participation”. Specifically projects emphasize diversity in STEM, the preparation of the STEM professional workforce, and improving STEM learning methods.

Toymakers Want to Bring STEM to Playtime, Filling Gaps from Schools

This article from the Chicago Tribune highlights the increasing emphasis by toymakers on STEM toys. For example several games and toys that promote coding were mentioned and Learning Resources and Educational Insights.

Toymakers are not the only group emphasizing STEM; parents are too. Total sales in the area grew 7% over last year.

State Comes Together to Improve STEM Programs

The article highlights the appearance of Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Secretary Pedro Rivera at a STEM advisory committee meeting. The PDE listed off several upcoming goals: increase STEM major enrollment at state schools and secure additional funding to help ready K-12 students.

CITGO launches the STEM Educational Program

CITGO announced the creation of a new social responsibility program that targets K-12 students. To initiate the program, the company will issue a series of grants to schools local to several of their cities of operation.

The company hopes the program will help address a shortfall of professionals with certain required technical knowledge.

How Does STEM Bring the Real World to the Classroom?

The article first introduces several issues surrounding STEM: skill gaps, employee shortages, and the need for introducing STEM early.

The author highlights recent experiences (attendance at a conference and a friend’s child entering a shark tank competition) to explain STEM education.


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