STEM Learning Weekly Recap (11/6 – 11/12)

Teaching Blind Studentswith 3-D Prints

The article describes a project lead by two Los Angeles educators who worked with college students to create 3-D printed maps of a local school. Several examples of similar projects are mentioned.

ASU Researchers Helps Students Envision Their Futures as Engineers

Arizona State researchers are looking to address the problem that many people do not actually know what engineers do. This can lead students to not consider engineering as a career choice.

By bringing families onto campus to learn about engineering, ASU researchers hope to increase and diversify the students who become interested in engineering.

UB to Create Nation’s First Comprehensive MOOC for Digital Manufacturing and Design

UB and partner organizations are working together to create a 40-hour course that focuses on digital manufacturing and design. The project represents the first competitive project endorsed by a DMDII committee charged with workforce development.

National Geographic Hopes to Ignite Its Brand and STEM Learning with “Mars”

Mars will teach viewers and kids about the science that is needed to land on Mars. It also represents part of National Geographic’s brand overhaul. The program uses a mixture of scripted drama, interviews with real-life space pioneers, and documentary footage.

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